Episode 6: Matthew Vandeputte & Why the 747 was dubbed the “Queen of the Skies”

In the first Jetlag for 2018, Andrew Smith interviews Matthew Vandeputte, a motion timelapse and hyperlapse photographer, and Larry Heath looks back on the lifespan of the Boeing 747, which recently had its last flight with a US carrier. He looks at the significance of the aircraft, explains why it was dubbed the “Queen of the Skies”, why it’s no longer in the air and how it changed the face of travel forever. But it’s not for the reason you think.

Learn more about our guest at his official website.

Episode 5: Coleman Collins, travel health and which country produces the most popular beer?

In the fifth episode of Jetlag, Larry and Andrew meet Coleman Collins, who has written a book – The Road Warrior – about how business travelers can stay healthy and sane on the road. We talk about health and fitness while travelling, and we get deep about craft beer, answering the question of the month: who are the biggest producers of beer in the world?

Learn more about Collins’ book The Road Warrior at his official website.

Episode 4: Travel journalist Jennifer Ennion and ranking the world’s best passports

Jetlag is back for September, and this month Larry Heath sits down in Canada with freelance travel journalist Jennifer Ennion. Joined from the US by co-host Andrew Smith, the three talk about life on the road as a travel journalist, and we ask our question of the month: Which passport gives you the most visa-free access around the world? The answer might surprise you!

Check out Jennifer’s website The Adventure Journal.

Episode 3: Steve Hui of iFLYflat and Which Country Has The Most Vacation Days?

In the July episode of Jetlag, co-hosts Andrew Smith and Larry Heath meet Steve Hui, who talks about his business iFLYflat, which helps manage the frequent flyer points of its many customers. We find out how he came up with the idea, and we get his advice for expertly gaining and using frequent flyer points. And for our questions of the month, we ask “Which country in the world has the most (and the least) number of vacation days?”

To learn more about iFLYflat, head to their official website.

Episode 2: Craig Ormiston, How to Get To Antarctica (Affordably) and What the Hell is a Carnet?

In the June episode of Jetlag, co-hosts Andrew Smith and Larry Heath meet Craig Ormiston, who talks about his upcoming trip to Antarctica. We find out how he’s getting there – with frequent flyer points and for less than $10,000 – to tick off his goal of travelling to seven continents before he turned 30.

In our question of the month, we ask “What the Hell is a Carnet?”

Learn more about Craig Ormiston over on his official website.

Episode 1: Jared Levy & What Will President Obama Do With His Air Force One Frequent Flyer Points?

The first episode of Jetlag has arrived!

This month, Los Angeles based co-host Andrew Smith and Sydney, Australia based co-host Larry Heath meet New York based director and cinematographer Jared Levy, as we talk about the differences between living and working abroad.

We also ask the question “What Will President Obama Do With His Air Force One Frequent Flyer Points?” as we look into the history of political air travel.

Lear more about Jared Levy over on his official website.